Networking our Way through the Recession

We’ve all got a recession to get through, don’t we? The recession that landed on us following the stock market crash of 2008– accompanied by the very loud bursting of the U.S. real estate bubble–has had workers and small business owners hard pressed to keep business moving in a tough economy. To make it, we’ve got to be smart about finance and our communication savvy.  Networking with other businesses in a budget-minded way is the key to keeping it going in this on-going recession.

How do we keep it going these days?  How can we stay in touch while staying in touch with our leaner business budgets?  A prepaid cell phone is one smart solution.  These budget-minded cell phones allow lots of networking with current or potential clients without requiring the added cost of a cell phone contract.

Business networking doesn’t just happen in an office setting these days. That business model is, let’s face it, going the way of the horse and buggy.  Networking opportunities exist whenever and wherever you or your employee sees an opening with a potential client.  The key is to keep in touch, via phone, to make a meeting happen or clinch a deal, whether you’re sitting in a coffee house or picking up your dry-cleaning.

What’s the advantage of prepaid cell phones for networking?  These phones carry a set amount of minutes, so your company doesn’t have to pay for minutes that aren’t used.  You can also use a prepaid cell phone to establish a separate phone line to use only for their business calls.

That’s smart thinking—and that’s the key to smart networking and keeping your business recession-proof.