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CADDET stands for Centre for Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies. It is an international information source that helps managers, engineers, architects and researchers find out about renewable energy and energy-saving technologies that have worked in other countries. Along with its sister programme, GREENTIE, CADDET ceased collecting new information at the end of March 2005. Nevertheless, the information will remain available through this web site's search facilities as it represents one of the World's most detailed repositories of such information.

CADDET's objective was to enhance the exchange of information on new, cost-effective technologies that have been demonstrated in applications such as industry, buildings, transport, utilities and agriculture. The information was not only collected and disseminated to a very wide audience, it was also analysed to provide a better understanding of the benefits of the technologies.

Along with GREENTIE, CADDET was part of an IEA (International Energy Agency) Agreement known as EETIC (Energy and Environmental Technologies Information Centres). CADDET was established in 1988 to promote the international exchange of information on energy efficient technologies. In 1993, the Agreement was expanded into two Annexes - CADDET Energy Efficiency and CADDET Renewable Energy. In 1996, GREENTIE was added as a third Annex to the Agreement complementing the CADDET project information with details of suppliers of greenhouse gas mitigating technologies and services. In 2003 the two CADDET Annexes were amalgamated into a single CADDET programme.

EETIC members agreed to maintain the CADDET and GREENTIE web sites for a further period on a 'read only' basis.

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