Engines and Transmissions

Engines and transmission are other areas in which energy efficiency technologies can be utilized.

What’s Under the Hood?

Choosing to be more energy efficient is not as difficult as it once was. There once was a time when you needed to create the technology which would help your car move more efficiently, but today you can buy it already in your car. While many environmentalists will debate the benefits of having a hybrid or a fuel cell car, there is something to be said for having an engine which can run on more than just fossil fuels. However, these engines are still using some gasoline since that is what is used when the car does not have energy stored up from braking. Thus, it becomes important to make the engines and the transmissions as efficient as possible.

In order to find better engines and transmissions, you can have the car rebuilt in order to use different fuels as well. Or you might be able to find hydrogen cars in your area. Overall, the process of making your car or other vehicle more energy efficient begins with reworking the way the car uses fuel. When the engine is able to use as little fuel as possible or it is able to use an alternative fuel, it will be able to be more environmentally friendly.

Transmissions are trickier since they need fluids which are toxic and they require energy in order to work. Having a car which uses as much renewable energy as possible is the key to ensuring you’re limiting the impact of the fuel use on the planet.

Until the time can come when the engines and transmissions can be completely designed, efficiency is the key to a greener vehicle.