Transportation Efficiency

Transportation efficiency is much easier with the introduction of realistic and well-priced renewable energy sources.

Hybrids, Solar, and Hydrogen

Transport these days is getting more energy efficient than ever. With better energy management in cars as well as better fuel sources, cars have the option now of using fossil fuels. Hybrid cars are the most popular way to change your fuel consumption without changing the way you drive. By using energy which builds up and is stored each time you use the brakes, the hybrid will only use gas when absolutely necessary. In addition, some cars can have solar panels to charge them up when they are electrical in power. And while these aren’t a common sight on the roads yet, there are hydrogen car prototypes being discussed which run on hydrogen and emit only water as exhaust.

As with any transport or method of movement, there are pros and cons to using renewable energy sources in engines and transmissions. For one, hybrids and related car technology is still new, which means it’s quite expensive. But traveling on a clean bus or train can be a way to save fossil fuels without having to buy an eco-friendly vehicle. Solar and hydrogen options are still on the drawing board, so they’re a long way from being in the everyday car market.

How to Save Energy When Moving

The best way to save energy when you’re moving from place to place is to carpool and to invest in a hybrid car when you can. These two steps will help you to cut down on your fossil fuel consumption. In addition, some cars are able to run on ethanol and biodiesel, so these are more environmentally responsible fuel choices too.

You don’t have to give up your car in order to be environmentally responsible, but you do want to become more aware of the renewable energy sources which are available for you to use.