Landfill Gas

Landfill gas can also help in the goal of trying to find cleaner and renewable ways of producing energy.

How Landfills Can Help

Within municipal waste and industrial waste are a number of items, some organic, some not. The organic materials break down when they are placed in a landfill, slowing producing oxygen, carbon dioxide, and methane as they decompose. But the methane can be harnessed and used to create renewable energy since it is the most likely to float out of the landfill as the trash begins to break down. This process does not take any more energy to begin as all that is necessary is for the landfill owner to collect the methane in some way. The methane can then travel to a power plant where it can be used in combustion in order to create electricity.

Landfills continue to fill up with items which can not break down any other way. While it might be easier to say that we should stop the flow of trash into the landfills, in the meantime, it might also be possible to use the process of decomposition to create a clean and renewable source of energy.

Waste Does Not Go to Waste

By finding ways of harnessing gases which are released as waste and trash breaks down, the renewable sources of energy will begin to change the way the world operates, using less fossil fuel and less energy, creating a more sustainable living system.