Combined Heat and Power

A combined heat and power system helps you to keep your home warm and powered up no matter what the elements outside might be doing.

Why Two is Better Than One

Whether you’re building a new home or you’re considering making renewable energy additions, the idea of combined heat and power systems might be a good idea for you to consider. Many people think that renewable energy is unreliable as it only comes from one source – geothermal energy, for example. But while it’s true that there might come a day when the sun’s not out or the wind isn’t blowing hard, this is why you want to look into more than one source of renewable energy. This will help you to always have the energy you need to do the things you need to do.

In the combined heat and power system, you can use water in two different ways. Not only can the water move to create electricity, but then this system can create heat as the water moves throughout your home. The movement of the water under the floor boards of your home can create radiant heat in your home. This system is highly efficient and it serves more than one purpose.

Energy Recycling

What you might not realize is that many power plants already use the combined power system. In power stations, the creation of heat with natural gases causes heat and power to be created. These systems recycling the energy as well since the gas creates heat which creates steam to create power which then doesn’t require as much gas to be supported. This recycled energy system works well to help keep energy distribution be much more efficient, while also helping to keep from depleting energy supplies too much. Energy efficiency like this works especially well in larger cities where a lot of power is needed to keep the streetlights and the buildings lit up. The gas is produced by a number of materials, but biomass and agricultural waste is the cleanest as it helps to reduce the waste in the world while also harnessing the natural gas which is emitted as it breaks down.

The more energy recycling that can take place, the better for renewable energy sources and for the world as a whole.