Heat Recovery and Storage

Heat recovery and storage is a large consideration of geothermal energy use.

The Problem with Renewable Energy

While it’s a good idea to try to find renewable energy sources in order to create electricity without taking any more resources from the planet, the truth is that heat recovery and storage can prove to be problematic with geothermal energy use. When the water and the steam rise to the surface or are diverted to a holding tank, it’s essential there be a way for the water to remain hot in order to create the steam which is necessary to create energy. But the water is liable to cool down the moment it reaches the surface.

In the Home

As a result, it is essential to find some sort of way to recover the heat via high temperature technologies. Some possible ideas include only bringing up the hot water from the tank when it needs to be used. But the most likely scenario is that when you get the water from the ground, you need to heat it up as it is necessary via solar energy or other forms of renewable energy. This will create the heated water without having to take any more energy. Though some hot water may already be present in the ground, it’s not realistic to place a home in those areas or to store large reservoirs of hot water for long periods of time.

Heat will be recovered by using some sort of energy system to heat up the water as it is being used, helping to create efficient hot water and a place to store water without changing its temperature. Water that has already been used for other hot water situations can then also be reused once it’s been used, helping to offset water waste as well.