Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen energy is a source of renewable energy which can be then used in a variety of ways.

What Hydrogen Can Do

Hydrogen is a molecule and an element which is all around us in nature. However, the actual pure form of hydrogen is not something which can be easily found in nature. In order to create hydrogen, water must be broken up into separate molecules of oxygen and hydrogen or the hydrogen must be created by burning fossil fuels. The electrolysis of water is the best way to get pure hydrogen, but that process will require advanced technologies and it will still use some fossil fuels.

Hydrogen can also be manufactured when some wastes break down. In the fermentation process, hydrogen and water can be released and then be used for hydrogen fueling.

As a fuel, hydrogen can be used in cars, fuel cells, and in other combustible engines. By creating pressure, the hydrogen can push pistons and help to create electrical charges. In doing so, the machinery can move without adding any carbon emissions to the air. When the hydrogen is used as fuel, it will reconnect to the oxygen in the air and the only emission will be pure water from a car or other vehicle.

A Warning About Hydrogen

The main concern with hydrogen and why it’s not generally used in fuels yet is that it is highly flammable. Lighting a match anywhere near hydrogen will produce an explosion of fire.