Solar Power

Solar power can be used as a source of renewable energy for a number of purposes.

Where to Find Solar Power

Solar power is the creation of energy and electricity from sunlight. This can be done in a few different ways. The most common way to convert sunlight into electricity is to store the solar energy, or radiant heat) in a photovoltaic cell, much like you might do with a battery. Or some might use the sun’s energy to heat up water which can then produce steam in order to create electricity through combustion. You can find solar power from the sun and in any area where there is ample sunlight most of the year. Those areas along the Equator will have the most sunlight, though there are other areas (the ocean, for example) which can collect solar energy even more easily.

Solar Power vs. Solar Energy

Solar energy is the radiant heat of the sun, but solar power is the electricity created from that energy. These can be difficult to confuse as many people use the terms interchangeably. But they are not the same. Solar energy is something which might be created and stored in the ocean, often called ocean radiant energy.

But solar power might be a part of a more complicated system of energy distribution.

Collecting solar energy is the tricky part in order to get the renewable solar power to the places where electricity is stored or where it is needed. Individual solar panels can be one way, but the smaller panels can not collect a large amount of energy. A large solar farm is the best possible way to collect as much solar energy as possible in order to turn it into solar power. Or finding a way to collect the massive amounts of solar energy in the oceans might also be a good way to supply renewable energy to the entire world.