Ocean Radiant Energy

Ocean radiant energy is a form of renewable energy which can help to create electricity for a variety of purposes.

Using Water to Create Energy

The oceans and other waters of the world cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface. They are constantly moving, which allows many waters to provide hydroelectricity, but they are also soaking up the warmth of the sun. This warmth is able to be turned into electricity as well, using a technology called ocean thermal energy conversion. In this process, the warmed water becomes stored solar energy which can then be used to create electricity.

Since the oceans are so big, this energy resource is quite large. The energy can be used to power up lighting in homes, machines in factories, and other electronic devices.

Scientists believe that if just one tenth of the solar energy available in the oceans could be stored, it could power twenty times all of the electricity in the United States uses in a given day. This could add up to a large energy source for North America and if more of the energy was tapped, maybe even for the entire world.

Free of emissions and easy to capture with the right technology, the oceans are readily available to soak up the sunshine as some part of the water is going to be under the sun at some point of the twenty four hour day.